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Taking sides

In Malaysia on August 29, 2008 at 6:43 am

Following on from my last post, Anwar and his drama, I actually read the article by The Nut Graph on ‘Anwar’s imminent road trip‘, and submitted a short comment. It’s stuck in the moderation timespace continuum, so I’ll do a complete one below. (NOTE: You need to read the article first to understand the context of my comments).

It is a sad state of affairs if Anwar’s imminent road trip to becoming the next tyrant of Malaysia is so ‘riddled by landmines’, we should have to prostrate ourselves and pave the way to ensure he gets a smooth ride.

I believe Malaysians deserve better. The reporting of mainstream media is not balanced. Are our blogs following suit? What has he ever done to deserve such accolades?

Instead of being the flavour of the moment, I have a better idea. Be more incisive and take a side, the side of explaining who Anwar really is. Check out Volokh Conspiracy’s article. Can you see the point?

Anwar’s history has not shown him to be right, and I fear, history will show us again he is still not right.

This is my third post in three days on Anwar and my point is simply this:

Tell me what Anwar stands for? Tell me who will vouch for him? For his words and his actions. Not just last year or since his release. I mean his actions as a leader and public servant for Malaysia all these years.



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