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Blogs and Commenting – Valuing Free Speech in Malaysia

In Blogging, Online on August 30, 2008 at 10:06 am

Funny thing, receiving comments on the blog. I look forward to feedback, but when I get some, I’m disappointed.

The blogosphere is a community of individuals voicing their opinion via the web. We all want to be heard because we care about whatever we blog about, some care about it more, some less. We believe we can make a difference because of the interaction from the community of bloggers and readers, which, compared with traditional publishing is extremely cheap. Hence, when readers respond, the only issue is, have they read the post. Because, if they haven’t, why comment on it?

Which brings me to a comment I received on my last post, ‘Taking sides‘.

It started off with the following declaration: “Freedom of speech Is not freedom to be heard.” Then it rambled on with demands after demands with some questions thrown in for good measure and finally damning the guy I’ve been blogging about.

You know what? Stop.

First, not everyone is sufficiently inspired to blog and that’s fine. But if you believe you have a right to be heard, then you do it, as I do. To start off your comment with ” … not freedom to be heard (sic)”, what do you think I’d do? So, please think clearly, then put your thoughts into words in relation to the post. If you do not care enough to put in the effort to make your point, then I certainly would not bother to read your comment.

Secondly, just because you do not have to pay to be heard, you might think that it’s OK to be silly and say whatever the heck you wish. Be sensible. I do not believe cursing and damnation come hell or high water has any place in our society, let alone this blog.

Yes, I say Anwar is suspect. I question whether he has the the qualities we seek in a leader and I, for one, do not believe he has the interest of Malaysia at heart. Call me a sceptic, a non-believer, a traitor if you like. But, to curse and damn the man and his family is simply wrong. And irresponsible.

Listen, this blog like any other blog is part of the web, connected worldwide. Everyone can see what’s going on in Malaysia without having to be physically here – that’s the whole point of the web. So if you think I’d allow such stupidity absurd behaviour on my blog, then you really have no idea what making a contribution means.

Finally, comments on wordpress goes into a moderation queue. I can just ‘spam’ it. Gone.

As a matter of fact, that’s what I did initially. Then looking thru’ my email alerts, I realised it may not be spam after all but it was written so badly, I really did think it was.

So the point of this post is this: If you would like to comment and practise some ‘free speech’, you’re most welcome to it. But value your right to free speech and do it responsibly. Otherwise, piss off lose it.


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