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Malaysia – 10th Sep for Irene Fernandez / 16th Sep for Anwar Ibrahim

In Malaysia on September 5, 2008 at 9:09 pm

About 16th September: another day in Malaysian politics

This is priceless.

Fearful of the opposition and under the banner of ‘We need to study’, the Malaysian coalition government is going to leave Malaysia, as reported by The Star.

After a strong showing by Anwar-led opposition in our general election last March, Abudullah Badawi thinks its good to idea to run away from 16th Sep – 11 days from now. Rumour has it on 16th Sep Anwar will lead a revolt and file for a no-confidence motion in Parliament.

Harris Ibrahim’s blog, People’s Parliament has a nice post on this and the comments it generated is quite tough reading because one senses how disliked BN is by the populace. But does that mean you go off to another country? Why Australia? Can’t the government ‘study’ in Malaysia?

When I first read this, I thought it’s got to be a joke because this is just the most absurd, hare-brained, strategically ridiculous idea any aspiring politician can think of (read ‘Tiong King Sing’ – see Star article)

Why? Because you need your allies/ friends / party members in Parliament on the 16th September 2008!


About 10th September: Day of Appeal for Dr Irene Fernandez (Malaysian).

This is important.

Before BN members get a chance to freeze themselves in Aussie winter I hope DIC stops them and put them in some political refugee camp. Then they would know what it feels like, and start to appreciate Irene Fernandez, whom our government is still prosecuting today for helping and protecting immigrants. In other words, Dr Irene Fernandez, a fellow Malaysian who set up Tenaganita will have to face our appellate judge(s) on 10th Sept. Here’s a conclusion to her request for assistance (read the full press release here – 2nd Sep 2008):

We are challenged, hopeful nonetheless that justice and the truth will prevail. This trial and the appeal are issues of fundamental rights and liberties, of good governance and the struggle against corruption. The trial is about freedom of expression and the need to protect whistleblowers. It is today the nation’s struggle.

We would like you to be present in court to express your support to rights and to Irene. The Appeal will be heard at 9am, September 10 in Criminal Court 2 of the High Court Level 5, Room 2. Please pass the information to as many persons as possible.

The support you give today will pave the way to justice, protection of rights and for truth to prevail in our beloved nation.

Let’s be clear, I do not intend to discuss (anyway, I have no info) an on-going appeal except to highlight her situation under Badawi’s government.

Another note about Dr Irene Fernandez, a brief excerpt by Right Livelihood of her:

In 1986, she led campaigns to stop violence against women. Various women’s groups mushroomed as a result of these campaigns. One was the All Women’s Action Society, of which Fernandez was president for five years. It is now one of the strongest women’s advocacy groups in Malaysia. The Domestic Violence Act, Sexual Harassment Code and changes to the laws related to rape are all a result of its work. That same year, she was the founder member of Asia Pacific Women Law and Development (APWLD). This regional organisation was designed to bring together women lawyers and activists to look at women’s law across the Far East. She was director for more than 10 years.

She’s still at it in year 2008 and the question now is this: Whom should Malaysians care more about – Anwar Ibrahim’s fight to be supremo, or Irene Fernandez’s freedom?

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