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Malaysiakini and The Nut Graph – same old, same old

In Blogging, Mainstream Media, Malaysia on September 9, 2008 at 3:54 pm


Had a funny one and a half day, running around with my electricity provider. Thought I had missed my bill payment (which I did) but it wasn’t that, just a crocked fuse. Anyway, I paid them $600 for a few months – think I’ll need to learn to generate electricity just to stop myself going broke.


Right, let’s get to the point.

Read an article at The Nut Graph, ‘Net TV: Does it click?, which I found quite boring and that’s their choice but anyway, I then saw a comment which basically questioned the relevance of The Nut Graph. Jacqueline Ann Surin, the vaunted editor at The Nut Graph gave the commenter ‘daniz’ quite a retort. So, in the interest of having open exchange, I did my bit.

Here’s my comments to the guys at The Nut Graph and the Jacqueline Ann Surin:


Hello – The Nut Graph and Jacqueline,

I read your article on Net TV and the first question I ask is: how many? How many readers of Nut Graph actually watch programmes online? We don’t have the bandwidth, and frankly, I am not sure most users have an idea of what’s available online in general.

Podcasts is a good example, and for me anyway, is a cheap and efficient form of Net TV. It’s widely used worldwide by all type of producers – individual dog fanciers in Kansas promoting their breed, to global corporations such as Nokia promoting the latest wireless concepts in beta release. YouTube is also an important phenomena. Heard of the Obama ‘ground-up’ movement?

Yet, neither was mentioned in this article. Hence, I think Nutgraph fails because it fails to take into account the major trends in the world of politics, or for that matter, daily life issues of the man on the street.

Further, I believe the comment of “daniz” below is right because, in my mind, you do not offer views that are new and fresh that are relevant. To me, relevancy is the basic measure of a website dedicated to ‘“Making sense of politics and popular culture”. This, perhaps, could be what he meant as a ‘cut+paste mentality’ of Nut Graph.

Jacqueline – your retort and challenge to ‘daniz’ included a link to your the article on ‘The bane of book banning‘ by the The Nut Graph. I find that article nice, but absolutely irrelevant because, like most in Malaysia, it’s argument for argument sake. Smart talk that’s not effective, and certainly, no solutions.

If Nut Graph really believes “politics is about the relationships of power among different stakeholders involved in an issue”, then it has failed to find a solution to help stake-holders overcome the politicians who have power. The solution to it is simple: e-books. Try banning that. Yet, again, it was not mentioned – either you guys do not get technology or are not really there yet – please look us up, it’s called ‘Open Source’ and ‘Free Software’ (Foundation, as well if you like).

If you and Nut Graph feel this is unfair, don’t worry, you are in good company because the boys at Malaysiakini does not get it either. So much for the leading online news provider for Malaysia – trying to take us into the 21st century with 20th century ideas. (PS. Somehow it sounded better when BO said it).

As I really do not read Nut Graph as much as other sites, please feel free to post your comment/opinion if you believe my comments, like ‘daniz’, were unfair. I will post this comment on my blog too – (https://ourtable.wordpress.com).

PS. It might be a good idea to post a link to the actual report or to discussions on the report by Omnicom and Yahoo, such as here: <http://www.asiamediajournal.com/pressrelease.php?id=358&gt; / AsiaMediaJournal. This, I believe, will be more useful to web readers.


My point in this post is simple:

If you cannot take criticism, don’t try to claim to speak for us as a vaunted gate-keeper. I can, only no one knows about this blog to (or I may be irrelevant!). Malaysiakini is too slow, and in my opinion, losing its strength as an independent news provider. They forgot its year 2008, not 1998. I wish more Malaysians, like the Nut Graph and Malaysiakini, will get on the cluetrain. It’s my preferred way to overcome our stifling local system and little napoleans by staying informed because I get to read what I want to read.

  1. Wonderful. Short, impactful, relevant and best of all, you stood by your argument and substantiated it.

    U are right. The Nut Graph and M’kini are both headed by people who don’t understand Netizens and the Net much and yet wanna lord it over others with their incomplete views.

    I don’t mind blogrolling ya. and tell my friends abt it too.

  2. Ok. I may not be that irrelevant after all.

    To readers like ‘galadriel’, I have been thinking of what REAL issues to discuss. My friend and I was just discussing this.

    So if anyone has an opinion, pls leave your comment.

    As always, I welcome all when done responsibly.

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