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Malaysians, what do we want?

In Blogging, Malaysia on September 10, 2008 at 8:30 am

For several of my previous posts, I’ve fallen into a habit of emphasising letters written to Malaysiakini because they are well thought out and makes a point. So, here we go again.

A well-written letter at Malaysiakini by Keith Leong, ‘Reject Sectarian Violence‘, has made several points which all of us can be proud of.

The most important is in the middle where Keith says:

What is necessary for the creation of a just and unified Malaysia is a citizenry that is active, virtuous and conscious of both their rights and responsibilities.

So, as a duty and responsibility, I will take up the challenge of UMNO Youth Secretary Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan, when he said on 8 Sep 2008 (The Star), there was ‘deafening silence‘ on the inappropriate actions by Anwar to become our next Prime Minister. Abdul Rahman also asked:

Where are the voices of NGOs, Bar Council and bloggers who had voiced loudly the need to protect the rights of people?

My posts on the irresponsible words and actions of Anwar Ibrahim are here, here and here (chronologically). More importantly, I have also questioned our current Prime Minister here and our former Prime Minister here.

Now, its my time to ask a question of Abdul Rahman, what have you done, as a duty for your fellow countrymen, in challenging your Prime Minister and mine – has Abdullah Badawi always done the right thing? Is it based on principle? Or is it based on the concept of power? If Anwar’s intentions can be clearly seen as wrong, so can our Prime Minister’s. Neither is infallible. Therefore, neither is precluded from being questioned by its citizens. And for yourself, Abdul Rahman, have you always done the right thing for all Malaysians?

If you think all bloggers are against the current administration you are wrong. I do not criticise Abdullah Badawi because I want to see him fail. Far from it, I want to question our Prime Minister because I want him to succeed and do the right thing – and be on the right side of history. And if he does, then everyone in Malaysia – bloggers or not, will benefit from a good administration. However, if the leaders of Malaysia do not have the interest of every Malaysian at heart, then we must question why not. We must do our duty to fellow Malaysians who are less fortunate, or less able to question authority if it is unfair, unjust and unreasonable.

Let me conclude by saying this, and though I am not ‘voices’ but a single voice, I want our government to succeed and achieve its goals – whatever they may be – for all of us. To aspire otherwise is to deny we are all Malaysians at heart, including you Abdul Rahman and me. Also, we will then have a government and Prime Minister we are all proud of.


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