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Gone quiet

In Blogging on September 11, 2008 at 12:00 am

Think I’ve been a doing bit too many posts. Will be mucking around and rebuilding a few servers for awhile. Unless there’s something to blog about I’ll be doing the home project. Meantime, I’ve made my recent posts available on the top right.

The post “For a better Malaysia” is popular – click on ‘Disconnected‘ category on the left below to read.

Finally, I’m running out of ideas so anyone would like to give me requests / ideas / thoughts would be good. Don’t hesitate – have a go, tell me.


PS. Politically, it’s a mess at the moment, so I’ll post on politics after the dust settles.

  1. Mike,

    I was puzzled to find a few clicks originating from here and decided to come and see how it could have come about. Well, now I know…

    Thanks for putting my humble (and personal) blog as a link here – and under the topic of About Malaysia too!… as if I’m an organization or body; or even someone “important enough” to warrant such a ranking!

    Judging from the content of this site, it appears that it’s not partisan … more of a portal that guides to other Malaysia-related sites/blogs. As such, I’ll also be adding yours at my blog; maybe under “Organizations” or “Misc”.

    I’ve purposely left out political-centric sites. It’s not that I’m not interested – I am, and often go to places like Rocky’s Bru, Susan Loone, Malaysia Today too… However, my site is focused on “Recovey”, and I wish it to be “inclusive of EVERYONE”, with no regards for political affiliations, opinions, race and religion.

    Anyway, great job you’re doing here. I only have one month of experience with blogging – and just two months of getting an Internet connection from home. Since you’re using WordPress too, I’ll be looking at how to incorporate some of your ideas here to make my site better.

  2. cendana287 is from the link “Recovery from Drug Addiction (in Malaysia)” – in Resource | Links > ‘About Malaysia’.

    He blogs mainly about ‘recovery’ as he puts in the title and comment above. Guys like him are stand-outs because they act as inspiration to everyone. Free speech is real only if its practised, especially in a country that somehow denies humans – of all classes, races and culture – have feelings too.

    I put him under ‘About Malaysia‘ because he epitomizes the other side, the rarely seen, humble and honest Malaysian who is usually drowned out by the many corporate & celebrity blogs that’s so prevalent today. And his message is uplifting.

  3. Ah, THANKS for saying these nice things about me:-)
    For what it’s worth, I’ve done an unusual thing – I had included your link at that site. Even Rocky’s Bru doesn’t get this `honour’.

    Anyway, I’m glad to see that you have not “taken a rest”, as was stated in this post. I have launched a new blog titled Cendana Blues: Addicted to Politics at cendana287.blogspot.com I’ve included Our Table as one of the prime RSS feeds over there. I don’t have many visitors yet, but who knows…

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