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A new template / What just happened?

In Blogging, Malaysia on September 15, 2008 at 8:24 am

As you can see, this is a new template. For several reasons:

1) It’s a cleaner look. No more clutter on the wings.

2) Better navigation. All links are now below. The top links – words between vertical bars – are the new pages. Also, the ‘Home’ which was duplicated in the prior theme is now removed. The landing page should be obvious, “Our Table?” … or not.

3) As requested, I’ve added info on my background = “Who and Why”.

4) This theme is from Derek Powazek, an ‘old’ web designer (in internet years). He writes for A List Apart, one of the oldest blogging sites around, and one of the first sites based entirely on CSS. Very nice site.

5) I don’t normally use RED as the contrast colour, but in this case it sure works.

On Malaysia’s lack of integrity: Badawi really screwed it up over the weekend. It appears the POLICE decides who to detain? What about the A-G? What about the Cabinet? I’m not quite sure if the police force has the authority. I have not read the legislation, but delegating to the police is the lowest I have heard.

More importantly, amongst other absurd developments, ministers are now not making decisions on ISA matters because, get this, ‘we are politicians‘.

Do these guys in their suited attire, working in plush offices, chauffeur-driven in BIG BADGED limos ever use their grey matter before opening their gap? Why be a minister, or a politician, if you do not, or cannot make decisions?

I want a job in the Badawi government too, I want to be a politician, I want to NOT have to make decisions. Just pass the bucket to the cops.

Poor chaps in blue, they keep getting shovelled into some dead end. I mean the guys at the bottom, not the top

Badawi has made the biggest mistake of his political life. In this day and age, when even Bush is trying to save his legacy by trying to remake history, claiming a centrist position:

As in the past, our policy has been sustained not just by our strength but also by our values. The United States has long tried to marry power and principle — realism and idealism.

Rethinking the National Interest – American Realism for a New World
By Condoleezza Rice (From Foreign Affairs , July/August 2008)

Really? Bush a realist? Badawi must be one too.

I’m not interested in a slanging match with anyone but Badawi has stayed quiet because I don’t think he understands leadership. Hiding behind a wall of silence is typically Soviet-style. Stony, studied silence. Not one statement from him of any significance over the entire weekend. Or maybe because he is a politician like our Home Minister, so they DO NOT MAKE DECISIONS! What in the world are they there for? Nuts.

  1. Hmm, and to think that I was studying your previous design to copy at this site:-)

    Anyway, I’ve launched another site – about socio-political matters. That’s because I don’t want to contaminate this spiritual-based blog. The new one is at: http://cendana287.blogspot.com There are a few posts already…

  2. Malaysia has no hope. Malaysia is a lost cause. Malaysia has gone to the dogs.

    Teresa Kok was framed, and she is still being locked up despite the fact that the LIE has been exposed.

    To hell with Malaysia !!

  3. Oh, Penang is here too.
    I had comment at Susan Loone’s post about this one, but I think I should paste it here too since it’s related to Penang’s comment over there about “Teresa Kok and her allegedly having started the petition”. (Cut & Paste follows):

    Even if Teresa Kok had initiated the petition, why and how could that be just cause to detain her under the ISA? She is, after all, a MP – someone elected to look after her constituents in all matters.

    With this “Azan” thing, it’s a wonder how some people could be so intolerable – and I mean BOTH sides. To me, the most important thing is the manner in which we go about to handle things; plus out intentions (including “hidden” ones).

    I don’t see why it should be a problem of such magnitude when residents sign a petition to ask a mosque (or temple or whatever) to lower the volume – on condition that they did so “in a proper manner” that is, i.e not being confrontational. [I hope the Puchong residents had behaved as such(?)]

    And the mosque authorities and Muslim residents should be open-minded about that too – to try see others’point of view. I’ll say this is good (petition, which leads to talks) – better this way than having people keeping quiet but seething inside with all sorts of resentment.

    At the same time, the non-Muslims who have problems with this should consider “the other side’s” views too. But if both are honest and sincere, things like this are easily solved; with feel-good feelings on all sides … like deciding the maximum decible etc.

    It’s a wonder that in my 13 months at Pusat Serenti Gambang, there wasn’t even one issue that was race/religion related! This was possible because everyone was willing to understand and be tolerant of the other. And these are the people scorned by society – the so-called “low-lifes”.

    Hmm, maybe I should write a post about this matter at my “Recovery” blog.

  4. […] when he claimed, as a politician, he should not make this decision. I’ve blogged about this here and here and here. But it does not change the fact that Raja Petra will now be held under ISA for […]

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