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Leaving your mark – History and Education

In Education, History, Online on September 16, 2008 at 11:45 am

Yesterday, one of the world’s older bank, Lehman Brothers, est 1850, closed down. At least their place in history – educationally – is assured: Lehman Brothers Collection at Harvard, came online Feb 2008.

Whatever Badawi will be remembered for, tussles for leadership should not be one of them in these times of instability and uncertainty.

If the Lehman Brothers Collection didn’t get you far in terms of educational value, you can try:

  • The other is of course Wikisource, everyman’s library of the internet.
  • Open Yale courses, under Creative Commons license, which provides lecture notes (text and video) as well as background info on some interesting subject matters, philosophy anyone? Check out their ‘About‘ section for more on how to use the free materials.

Before I forget, let me just add one final thing here – ‘Google on the High Seas‘, I fell off the chair on this one. That’s innovation.

  1. Something about the Yanks – they don’t bailout failed corporations even when the government could afford to. And Lehman Brothers was such an established institution too. It’s survival of the fittest in the US economic fields, I guess. But I wonder if that’s a good thing – jobs and people are also at stake here.

    As for Dollah Badawi: If Anwar really has the numbers, then it’s imperative that he surrenders. But I have the feeling he might not be so obliging – his close advisors will most probably push him to declare Emergency.

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