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Not going to speculate

In Malaysia on September 16, 2008 at 6:55 pm

If you can imagine, it’s worth a try – visualise yourself watching a particularly lousy B-movie: where the baddies keep coming, they’re disposed off quickly by the heroine, then you notice an anomaly – the bad guys look similiar. An epiphany: budget limitations results in recycling extras/baddies; hence, they’re the same guys/gals playing different characters.

Currently, that’s how it reads to me:

  • Anwar: ‘We’re going to topple the government. No, wait – they left for Taiwan. Never mind, now we have 31 that crossed the aisle, update 1 2. I’m waiting for update 3.
  • Raja Petra was visited by his family at “the police headquarters” and he is not on hunger strike, but his condition is not good (pls read link above). His treatment under ISA? ““He said he was never physically abused, but was mentally abused”.

This is where I disagree.

Sir, all laws are justified – it is not for private citizens (like me) to claim any law I disagree with is not justified and, under protest, to defy it. That will be mayhem.

Instead, the government’s argument should be: All laws made by Parliament must be enforced, and if it is not enforceable, such policy should not be made into law. And as we enforce our laws, we stay within the boundaries of our powers and to enforce it fairly and rationally. Otherwise, due process to an accused (i.e. the right to defend yourself) is meaningless.

My point? In terms of impact or regulation of behaviour, there is no difference between the justification of WHY we have a law and HOW we go about enforcing such law. If it was enforced wrongly, then the law was not applied correctly.

Oops! Did Badawi just admit to failure if challenged under writ of habeas corpus. Who knows? Not smart enough to trust my own argument (one of those days I wish I still have the family of legal scholars around).

I’m in one of my moods – I hate FUD (fear, uncertainty, disinformation) – we need to have clearer vision. ‘Don’t know’ is not an option, especially on (potentially) lethal laws such as the ISA.

So, no more speculation about what laws, who made what decision, and how it is enforced. Do we have one government or two? And is Anwar for real or not?

For the moment, there is just too much FUD – someone else do the driving on this one. If I feel this way, (again) imagine what it feels like for foreign investors.

  1. […] as a politician, he should not make this decision. I’ve blogged about this here and here and here. But it does not change the fact that Raja Petra will now be held under ISA for the next 3 months, […]

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