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Visuals for Friday & Sarawak, Malaysia, Borneo

In Malaysia, Online on September 26, 2008 at 8:15 am

Waiting for the Debate (Sat 8am, Malaysian time). The posters below (also available in pdf) are from Design for Obama (see Resource | Links > Insane Creations). You can download / print / re-design as you wish.

3 sample posters here.

1) “Be like Mike”

2) Backward vs Forwards (McCain vs Obama, respectively) | Bigotry vs Clear Thinking

3) Oil Painting – used it in one of my pages (For a better Malaysia).


DesignforObama.org | http://popaganda.com



Saw a nice post about Sarawak, Mysterious Tropical Rainforest by travelhouse-uk. Like most Malaysians, I thought Borneo was an island, Sarawak a state of Malayisa.

According to the post, Sarawak is a town, Malaysia a state, and Borneo the country:

“… the Orangutan Sanctuaries at Sarawak, Malaysia, Borneo”

Next time I’ll write: KL, Malaysia, World.

Just having some fun at the folks of travelhouse UK blog.

I know why they put ‘Borneo’, the imagery evoked shouts EXOTIC! Why not. I am happy to see them promote Sarawak. Go for it. As long as people visit Malaysia. Also, the blog is nice looking and informative.


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