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Our Table?

I am a traveller. Haven’t heard much about home lately, after so many years. So, I returned. I saw. And I fear for the future and the less privileged of our society.

The section below is about our table, this blog.


The ‘table’ refers to the many dining tables across our country where we often end up after a long, sometimes nightmarish, day of work to discuss our daily life and stories (or worries). Yet, most times, it ends with stares into the distance, and frustration that, no matter how much effort is put in, we, Malaysians, cannot get better, or higher – just like our ringgit. I’m no economist, but you don’t need rocket science level economics to figure out why.

Some don’t even bother anymore. But to those who do ask: Why can’t we succeed and achieve greater things, as individuals and as a country – the answer is right here, because there is not enough of us to care or to persist with the forces that are working against this country, our country

This is not a ‘normal’ Malaysian blog – I don’t know the local elite, nor care to (I keep getting their names wrong). Proximity to power hasn’t gotten many very far, it’s just made them more subservient to the system. I loathe patronage. I like merit. I have done OK by it, and so has quite a few of my friends. But what about the rest of my fellow Malaysians.

I will make strong statements, I will ask difficult questions. But try to judge the message on its merits and not confuse it with the messenger (me or the person you disagree with), it’s called ‘separating the person from the problem‘ and it’s used daily by all trained under the Harvard Negotiation Project.

Let’s start, find your seat at our table.

If you need to know my background, you’re welcome to check me out.


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