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Dear Ministry of Education: Learn Web Metrics

In Malaysia, Online on September 21, 2008 at 3:46 pm

FMCG is for ‘fast moving consumer goods‘. Most readers will not care for such arcane info unless you have drunk ‘Lipton‘ tea, or pamper yourself with ‘Dove‘ products, or heard of ‘Ben and Jerry’s’ – you will have been affected by Unilever.

The oft-quoted statement by Lord Levehulme, founder of Unilever:

I know that half of my advertising budget is completely wasted, I’m just not sure which half.

I don’t wake up Sunday mornings thinking about Leverhulme, but I did when I read an article today, ‘English on the Web’ , about a website by our Ministry of Education:

THE Online Resources for Learning in English (MyLinE) which was specially created to help UTM students improve their language skills, has proven to be a hit. It’s been so popular that the website has been extended to students in the country’s 19 other public universities.

… By the second semester, the MyLinE website already had 158,192 hits.

Did they say 158K hits? Should it be ‘hits’ or ‘visitors’?

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Want to give it a rest? It’s Friday.

In Malaysia on September 19, 2008 at 7:05 pm

According to my latest straw poll (of one, me), I think Malaysians are becoming like citizens of the largest democracy in the world, India. They love their politics, and that’s their choice. But do we have to as well? This incessant politicking is driving me crazy. It’s Friday already everyone. Give it a break. Start again on Monday maybe?

I’m writing this with a mantra buzzing between my ears: I’m an intelligent person, and I have a life, I’m an intelligent person, and I have a life, I’m an intelligent person, and I have a life, …

In one week, starting 12th Sep, we’ve had the following:

  • Saturday (13th Sep): The shortest ISA detention in our history when journalist of SinChew Daily, Ms Tan, was released after 18 hours
  • Monday (15th Sep): Zaid’s resignation as Minister for Law
  • Wednesday (17th Sep): Another blogger, Syed Azidi Syed Aziz, who writes as “Sheih Kickdefella”, arrested under ISA.
  • Thursday (18th Sep): Our government’s Cabinet finally realising that we are all Malaysians, regardless of colour, when they approved the Race Relations Bill (hello Star, it’s not an Act of Parliament yet)
  • Friday (19th Sep) @1.30pm : the release of our lawmaker, Ms Teressa Kok, from ISA
  • … now we we have this: “Police report lodged against Anwar for causing unease“, reported by The Sun, at 5.22pm, on a Friday.

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Bar Council calling the kettle, “Black”

In History, Malaysia on September 17, 2008 at 7:08 pm

(from the department of: status-quo-is-in-my-interest,-change-is-bad)

Our wonderful SOLICITORS AND ADVOCATES, theBar Council of Malaysia‘, has a tendency to pussyfoot with what really matters. Sure, Extra Ordinary General Meeting (EGM) will get everyone worked up, file for habeas corpus, comment on use of ‘unfairness‘ of ISA . They also released a report recently – see my earlier post, “Malaysians still blinking like Magoo“. I can fill this post with 1000 ‘things’ – a statement / report / discussion by the Bar Council.

I wonder where the real lawyers are, certainly not at our superactive Bar Council. The ones we have at the moment goes thru’ the motion creating nice fireworks, but absolutely ineffectual to the bottom-line: protecting rights of Malaysians. They can act indignant but avoid raising real issues, then go home. No wonder Malaysia has one of the worst income-inequality in Asia.

Fellow Malaysians, especially non-lawyers, you guys have been bamboozled all these years by the Bar Council of Malaysia.


LOOK AT FACTS Look at this report: “Mortgaging freedom for security: Arbitrary detention of five HINDRAF leaders (May 2008) by The Observatory (FIDH-OMCT) , download it here. Then look at the Bar Council’s press release of the report – “Observatory Report : ISA is a violation of human rights principle“. This report by the Observatory was written by one lawyer- Ms Berg; in page 9 she wrote:

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