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Malaysiakini and The Nut Graph – same old, same old

In Blogging, Mainstream Media, Malaysia on September 9, 2008 at 3:54 pm


Had a funny one and a half day, running around with my electricity provider. Thought I had missed my bill payment (which I did) but it wasn’t that, just a crocked fuse. Anyway, I paid them $600 for a few months – think I’ll need to learn to generate electricity just to stop myself going broke.


Right, let’s get to the point.

Read an article at The Nut Graph, ‘Net TV: Does it click?, which I found quite boring and that’s their choice but anyway, I then saw a comment which basically questioned the relevance of The Nut Graph. Jacqueline Ann Surin, the vaunted editor at The Nut Graph gave the commenter ‘daniz’ quite a retort. So, in the interest of having open exchange, I did my bit.

Here’s my comments to the guys at The Nut Graph and the Jacqueline Ann Surin:


Hello – The Nut Graph and Jacqueline,

I read your article on Net TV and the first question I ask is: how many? How many readers of Nut Graph actually watch programmes online? We don’t have the bandwidth, and frankly, I am not sure most users have an idea of what’s available online in general.

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Alternative vs Mainstream Media in Malaysia

In Blogging, Mainstream Media, Malaysia, Online on September 6, 2008 at 5:44 pm

A recent report by Malaysia’s Center for Independent Journalism shows that local mainstream media has lost credibility. This is a short excerpt:

The survey revealed that Malaysians were critically assessing the content of the local mainstream media, upon which the majority relied heavily as sources of information. Asked to rate the performance of the mainstream media according to six indicators—ethical, variety of opinions included, variety of issues covered, objectivity, fairness and truthfulness—only 56 percent said they were all met; the figure plummetted to 35 percent when it came to fairness of reporting.

Full report available online – with pdf download at the bottom of the page (beside pics).

In terms of market share, this graph from Google Trends (beta) show that MalaysiaKini is doing exceedingly well. It’s ‘daily unique visitors’, particularly in the past 6 months, is indicative of Malaysians seeking alternative sources of information.

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Malaysia – 10th Sep for Irene Fernandez / 16th Sep for Anwar Ibrahim

In Malaysia on September 5, 2008 at 9:09 pm

About 16th September: another day in Malaysian politics

This is priceless.

Fearful of the opposition and under the banner of ‘We need to study’, the Malaysian coalition government is going to leave Malaysia, as reported by The Star.

After a strong showing by Anwar-led opposition in our general election last March, Abudullah Badawi thinks its good to idea to run away from 16th Sep – 11 days from now. Rumour has it on 16th Sep Anwar will lead a revolt and file for a no-confidence motion in Parliament.

Harris Ibrahim’s blog, People’s Parliament has a nice post on this and the comments it generated is quite tough reading because one senses how disliked BN is by the populace. But does that mean you go off to another country? Why Australia? Can’t the government ‘study’ in Malaysia?

When I first read this, I thought it’s got to be a joke because this is just the most absurd, hare-brained, strategically ridiculous idea any aspiring politician can think of (read ‘Tiong King Sing’ – see Star article)

Why? Because you need your allies/ friends / party members in Parliament on the 16th September 2008!

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Raja Petra’s Malaysia Today

In Blogging, Malaysia on September 4, 2008 at 8:00 am

There’s a strongly worded statement out by the Committee to Protect Journalists yesterday and that’s not good for Malaysia:

“The Malaysian government has reneged on its pledge not to censor the Internet by blocking Malaysia Today, and we call for the order to be immediately withdrawn,” said Shawn Crispin, CPJ’s Asia program consultant. “Online curbs have no place in a democratic society.”

From what I gather, it was one article at Malaysia Today that attracted comments which were deemed to be offensive, seditious … or whatever term Badawi’s MCMC uses nowadays.

As this will be a short post, just one question: ever heard of proportionality?

On a more positive note, I believe bloggers of Malaysia are working towards a self-regulatory regime (i.e. Code of Ethics for Malaysian Bloggers), though I don’t have much info on this. This seems a good idea and none too late as any self-respecting profession always does.

As the blog count go up in this country and everywhere else, we seek greater freedom to voice our concerns as a right. Yet, it is also our duty to speak up responsibly. Why else would bloggers tell truth to power?

Finally, the 2008 Memorandum on Media Freedom need your support.

Raja Petra’s lot – see Messrs Brown and Lee’s new media

In Blogging, Malaysia on September 2, 2008 at 11:02 pm

So much happened over our 51st Independence celebration weekend, from the racist remark in Penang, to MCMC taking on Google by banning Malaysia Today (and another 126 sites), to Badawi’s cries for unity (IHT).

To MCMC and Raja Petra’s friends and supporters:

If we were not dismissive of Singapore, we could learn how culturally similiar societies deal with their civil society issues, as they too face restrictions on free speech but they get smart and learn faster. If ony Khairy, Badawi and friends try to do the same.

A succint and intelligent post of Mr Brown about our kin/friends/neighbours down south, instead of that lazy, populist and humdrum Khairy Jamaluddin.

Wished I had it that easy at Oxford.

Blogs and Commenting – Valuing Free Speech in Malaysia

In Blogging, Online on August 30, 2008 at 10:06 am

Funny thing, receiving comments on the blog. I look forward to feedback, but when I get some, I’m disappointed.

The blogosphere is a community of individuals voicing their opinion via the web. We all want to be heard because we care about whatever we blog about, some care about it more, some less. We believe we can make a difference because of the interaction from the community of bloggers and readers, which, compared with traditional publishing is extremely cheap. Hence, when readers respond, the only issue is, have they read the post. Because, if they haven’t, why comment on it?

Which brings me to a comment I received on my last post, ‘Taking sides‘.

It started off with the following declaration: “Freedom of speech Is not freedom to be heard.” Then it rambled on with demands after demands with some questions thrown in for good measure and finally damning the guy I’ve been blogging about.

You know what? Stop.

First, not everyone is sufficiently inspired to blog and that’s fine. But if you believe you have a right to be heard, then you do it, as I do. To start off your comment with ” … not freedom to be heard (sic)”, what do you think I’d do? So, please think clearly, then put your thoughts into words in relation to the post. If you do not care enough to put in the effort to make your point, then I certainly would not bother to read your comment.

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