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Bar Council calling the kettle, “Black”

In History, Malaysia on September 17, 2008 at 7:08 pm

(from the department of: status-quo-is-in-my-interest,-change-is-bad)

Our wonderful SOLICITORS AND ADVOCATES, theBar Council of Malaysia‘, has a tendency to pussyfoot with what really matters. Sure, Extra Ordinary General Meeting (EGM) will get everyone worked up, file for habeas corpus, comment on use of ‘unfairness‘ of ISA . They also released a report recently – see my earlier post, “Malaysians still blinking like Magoo“. I can fill this post with 1000 ‘things’ – a statement / report / discussion by the Bar Council.

I wonder where the real lawyers are, certainly not at our superactive Bar Council. The ones we have at the moment goes thru’ the motion creating nice fireworks, but absolutely ineffectual to the bottom-line: protecting rights of Malaysians. They can act indignant but avoid raising real issues, then go home. No wonder Malaysia has one of the worst income-inequality in Asia.

Fellow Malaysians, especially non-lawyers, you guys have been bamboozled all these years by the Bar Council of Malaysia.


LOOK AT FACTS Look at this report: “Mortgaging freedom for security: Arbitrary detention of five HINDRAF leaders (May 2008) by The Observatory (FIDH-OMCT) , download it here. Then look at the Bar Council’s press release of the report – “Observatory Report : ISA is a violation of human rights principle“. This report by the Observatory was written by one lawyer- Ms Berg; in page 9 she wrote:

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