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On a cold winter day, in a high-pitched voice, Lincoln said

Let us have faith that right makes might, and in that faith let us to the end dare to do our duty as we understand it.
– Address at Cooper Union, New York [Feb 27, 1860]

In every society, and in every age, there has always been some who were more fortunate than the rest, these were the elite. Whether it was inherited, or achieved on merit, the privilege of not having worries like your every day Joe or Ahmad allowed them to make a difference in society.

Society’s elite have always led, instead of being led by, the masses. Regardless of race, class or culture – whether it was Abraham Lincoln, or Mahatma Gandhi, or more recently, Nelson Mandela, they have always risen to the occasion

Nearly 150 years after Lincoln won the election and 50 years since Malaysia achieved Independence, Malaysia for all Malaysians is still a dream because we dare not do what is right.

Born on a mattress of corn husks on Feb 12, 1809, Abraham Lincoln rose to the greatest challenge of his generation. He was not born rich. Nor was he endowed with much physical beauty. But he died a giant, and not because he won the Civil War. In fact, he was shocked that so much blood was shed to free other fellow human beings. Nevertheless, he persisted because it was right.

In Malaysia, our politicians and the privileged few think only for themselves. Instead of making tough decisions to help the less privileged, they make easy decisions to help themselves. It’s called patronage.

If you agree with this system, you need not read further.

However, if you think, our current system of patronage is simply another name for selfish individuals who do not care for the less able, and the less fortunate, then all of must do our part.

I believe we can do better than this system of patronage. I believe we owe it to our ourselves and our future. Therefore, if our leaders in Malaysia cannot figure out what is right, we should tell them.

So, I wrote this blog to invite them to have a seat at our table, a table for all Malaysians. If you’re interested, you should join us as well.

Let’s start. Please have a seat at our table.

Mike <ourtable@gmx.com>

KL, Malaysia – August 2008


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