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Dear Ministry of Education: Learn Web Metrics

In Malaysia, Online on September 21, 2008 at 3:46 pm

FMCG is for ‘fast moving consumer goods‘. Most readers will not care for such arcane info unless you have drunk ‘Lipton‘ tea, or pamper yourself with ‘Dove‘ products, or heard of ‘Ben and Jerry’s’ – you will have been affected by Unilever.

The oft-quoted statement by Lord Levehulme, founder of Unilever:

I know that half of my advertising budget is completely wasted, I’m just not sure which half.

I don’t wake up Sunday mornings thinking about Leverhulme, but I did when I read an article today, ‘English on the Web’ , about a website by our Ministry of Education:

THE Online Resources for Learning in English (MyLinE) which was specially created to help UTM students improve their language skills, has proven to be a hit. It’s been so popular that the website has been extended to students in the country’s 19 other public universities.

… By the second semester, the MyLinE website already had 158,192 hits.

Did they say 158K hits? Should it be ‘hits’ or ‘visitors’?

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