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In Blogging, Malaysia on September 29, 2008 at 3:13 pm

Taking a break from the raging mediocrity in our ministerial Cabinet and as Malaysian blogs go into narcissistic navel-gazing mode: speculating about opportunists (unprincipled politicians) and who will be made next Emperor of Malaysia (next PM), I will be going off for a week.

Meantime, my posts on Anwar seem to be gaining notoriety and, in blogs, you have to read them chronologically for what I’m saying. You can click here if you want to.

As for Mahathir, here’s my posts.

If you find yourself all alone with nothing much else on, here’s my top 3 posts:

  1. For a better Malaysia – Tony Fernandez, Jeremiah and me;
  2. MalaysiaKini – remaining Web news after Malaysia Today?;
  3. Alternative vs Mainstream Media in Malaysia.

Finally, the next post will probably be a discussion of what one commenter, Outsider asked – one of which – Anwar is the best of the worst, what choice do we have?” See the comments in full here.

Simple, but good, question. May be difficult to answer for some. I will try next week – Monday, 6th Oct.

Meantime, Selamat Hari Raya to all Malaysians.

  1. Have an ejoyable rest, Mike – you certainly deserve it with your high quality and rightly balanced posts!

    BTW thanks to the links here, I’m finally going to do something about one particular organization I’ve been “meaning to join” (but never did) since at least four years ago – EFF.

    Yes, I could have gone there myself by simply doing a search for it and go to the website. However, since YOU are someone whom I feel “know what you’re talking about” (and not putting up links to various organizations just to `look cool’), I will give you this honour:

    Know that I officially and knowingly CHOOSE to find out more about EFF and join it due to Mike’s example.

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